Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts is the main boss of Wonderland, but is not found there at the moment, since that dungeon is not complete. At present, Queen of Hearts can be accessed only through Jeebs' Arena and the Oryx Arena. Queen of Hearts fights players by firing moderately damaging shots that cause various negative status effects. She also spawns Card Knights that protect her during two of her four battle phases.


Hit Points: 100,000
Defense: 100
Experience Points on Kill: 10,000
Immunities: None

Sprite Damage Effect Speed
6lvgpUml.png 100 Confused for 5 seconds
Hallucinating for 5 seconds
10 5 Absent in behavior
LdIwKBSl.png 150 Bleeding for 5 seconds 8 4.8
GX08Aucl.png 80 Slowed for 3 seconds
Bleeding for 3 seconds
15 6.75
gR14WY4l.png 150 Confused for 5 seconds 8 48


Phase One: "Guards, kill these troublemakers!"
The Queen begins the fight immobile, summoning two Card Knights, one of each color, every 4 seconds. The knights roam erratically but stay nearby their Queen, and fire at the nearest player. The Queen herself fires six yellow shots, in a hexagonal nova, every two seconds. They have incredibly long range, decent speed, and Confuse players for 5 seconds. The Queen will continue to summon Card Knights to her aid, up to a maximum of 10.

Phase Two: "My guards that is enough, I'll do it alone!"
When the Queen has under 80,000 HP remaining, she will stop summoning Card Knights, but any remaining Card Knights must be dealt with, as they will not disappear on their own. She will immediately begin moving erratically, making her a bit harder to hit. She keeps herself at a distance from players if not surrounded, and can be backed into a corner. She shoots only one type of projectile, a fan of five blue shots every 2 seconds, during this phase. These shots are short-ranged and easy to avoid with high enough speed, but cause Bleeding if they hit a player.

Phase Three:
When the Queen has under 50,000 HP remaining, she silently replaces her blue shotgun with another short-ranged fan of three red shots that cause Bleeding and Slowed to players. The shots fire every 0.75 seconds. During this phase, she does not back away from players, moving erratically in place instead.

Phase Four: "Guard protect me, if I die, Wonderland will die with me!"
When the Queen has under 15,000 HP remaining, she will become invincible for 5 seconds. She resumes summoning her Card Knights in pairs, every 4 seconds. This time, her Card Knights engage in a more dangerous behavior; they chase the nearest player at high speeds. There does not seem to be a limit to the number of Card Knights the Queen summons during this phase. The Queen herself keeps her distance from players, and fires two types of projectiles: blue Bleeding shots in a hexagonal nova every 2 seconds, and yellow Confuse shots in pairs at the nearest visible player every second. She continues this behavior until she is defeated.


Loot Table
Bag Type Loot & Drop Rate
Loot%20Bag%205.png Weapon_T11.gif 0.2 Weapon_T12.gif 0.1 Ability_T6.gif 0.1
Armor_T12.gif 0.2 Armor_T13.gif 0.1 S1fksR1.png 0.08
Ring_T5.gif 0.2 U9sZWfi.gif 0.01
Loot%20Bag%208.png 1vWQCBg.png 0.005 JvkTbAO.png 0.03 qRKsXbJ.png 0.06
Tips and Strategies

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