Phoenix Wright

Phoenix Wright is a confusingly-named, dangerous enemy that is currently found only in the very advanced stages of Oryx's Arena. It is a hostile backpack that fires backpack shots and may drop a backpack on death. Despite the insanity of the previous sentence, it is nonetheless true. Players can expect to see Phoenix Wright on or after Wave 30. Players should avoid its backpack-shaped projectile at all costs, because a single hit can kill most characters except those with extremely high health.


Hit Points: 120,000
Defense: 100
Experience Points on Kill: 12,000
Immunities: Stasis
Other Notes: Counts toward god kills, counts as a quest

Sprite Damage Effect Speed
Xz1XN4u.png 800 6.5 48.75 Identical in appearance to enemy itself


Initially, when it first spawns, it says simply "D:". Phoenix Wright will chase the nearest player, firing its shotgun spread of 5 backpack-shaped projectiles about once per second. It moves slowly enough that characters with a Speed stat above 50 should be able to outrun it.

Loot Table
Bag Type Loot & Drop Rate
Loot%20Bag%203.png Backpack.png 0.02

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