Oryx the Mad God 3

Oryx the Mad God 3 is a deadlier clone of Oryx the Mad God 2. His nickname to most players is O3. In Nilly's Realm, he resides in the main room of the Wine Cellar, since Oryx the Mad God 2 replaces the missing Oryx the Mad God as the boss of Oryx's Castle. He is accessible to players who defeat Oryx the Mad God 2 and use a Wine Cellar Incantation on the closed portal that he drops.


Hit Points: 150,000
Defense: 100
Experience Points on Kill: 15,000
Immunities: Stasis
Resistances: Stun (checks for and removes the Stun effect once every second)
Other Notes: Counts toward god kills, counts toward Oryx kills, counts as a quest

Sprite Damage Effect Speed
Fire%20Bolt.png 150 10 25 Returns
Blue%20Star.png 160 Confused for 5 seconds 15 18
Green%20Star.png 160 Slowed for 10 seconds 10 25 Hits multiple targets
Grey%20Star.png 160 Quiet for 3 seconds
Sick for 3 seconds
6 18
Purple%20Star.png 160 Blind for 5 seconds
Darkness for 5 seconds
4 24
Red%20Star.png 200 Cursed for 3 seconds 4 24 Ignores defense
Blade.png 240 15 6.75 Hits multiple targets
Dark%20Gray%20Spinner.png 1 Quiet for 20 seconds
Darkness for 20 seconds
9 24.3 Hits multiple targets
Gray%20Spinner.png 1 Unstable for 30 seconds 9 24.3 Hits multiple targets


Oryx the Mad God 3 has identical behavior to his predecessor, Oryx the Mad God 2.

Phase One: Initially, Oryx slowly wanders in the room, firing bullets whilst protected by Henchmen of Oryx and other spawned enemies.

Phase Two: At 50000 HP remaining, Oryx stops spawning Henchmen (but existing spawn do not immediately die). He immediately fires a circle of grey stars that are difficult to dodge, do almost no damage, and cause Quiet and Darkness. He then fires the Unstable stars at regular intervals, while continually firing his shotgun of colorful stars from phase one. During this phase, he slowly chases the nearest player within 2/3 of his sight radius.


Henchman of Oryx: Max of 4, cooldown of 10 seconds, phase one only

Loot Table
Bag Type Loot & Drop Rate
Loot%20Bag%205.png Weapon_T11.gif 0.3 Weapon_T12.gif 0.2 G5NJcdx.gif 0.01
Armor_T12.gif 0.3 Armor_T13.gif 0.2 zpbkC5C.gif 0.01
Ability_T6.gif 0.2 Ring_T5.gif 0.4 U9sZWfi.gif 0.05
I4w4juI.png 0.005 (only from Wine Cellar)
Loot%20Bag%206.png Potion%20of%20Defense.png 0.3 Potion%20of%20Attack.png 0.3 Potion%20of%20Vitality.png 0.3
Potion%20of%20Wisdom.png 0.3 Potion%20of%20Life.png 0.05 Potion%20of%20Mana.png 0.05

Tips and Strategies

Oryx’s “shotgun” is extremely dangerous, causing multiple status effects and very high damage. The blue confuse star moves faster than the other projectiles, and even faster than that of Oryx the Mad God 2, so be careful to avoid it or risk being confused and walking into the remainder of the projectiles.

Fighting Oryx 3 can become a nearly impossible undertaking in a small group if the Henchmen he spawns are allowed to spawn their enemies as well. This is due to how they all tend to circle or follow the boss, making it extremely difficult to even approach Oryx within spellbomb distance without the use of the /mscale command. If it's possible, try to kill off Henchmen that Oryx spawns as quickly as possible to prevent this.

This version of Oryx has a unique mechanic that prevents him from remaining stunned for any longer than one second. Thus, stunning him is incredibly risky.

During his rage phase (phase two), it is useful to avoid the periodic circular burst of white stars, as they inflict Unstable for 60 seconds.

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