Mega Man
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Mega Man is a rare event boss that has a 1% occurrence in the Realm. In other words, when another event boss (such as Cube God, Skull Shrine, etc.), or "trigger" enemy (such as Red Demon, Cyclops God, etc.) is killed, Mega Man has a 1% chance of appearing instead of a standard event. Mega Man is the protagonist in the Mega Man series. His projectiles are hard-hitting and inflict multiple status effects.

Hit Points: 150,000
Defense: 60
Immunities: Stasis, Stun, Dazed
Other Notes: Counts toward god kills, counts as a quest

Loot Table
Bag Type Loot & Drop Rate
Loot%20Bag%205.png Weapon_T10.gif 0.2 Weapon_T11.gif 0.1 Weapon_T12.gif 0.05
Armor_T11.gif 0.2 Armor_T12.gif 0.1 Armor_T13.gif 0.05
Ring_T4.gif 0.2 Ring_T5.gif 0.1
Ability_T5.gif 0.15 Ability_T6.gif 0.05
Loot%20Bag%206.png Potion%20of%20Defense.png 0.1 Potion%20of%20Attack.png 0.1 Potion%20of%20Vitality.png 0.1
Potion%20of%20Wisdom.png 0.1
Loot%20Bag%207.png 3509eda3c0.png 0.000125 jB1Xfz0.png 0.000125 11a955bc6f.png 0.000125
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