Jeebs is a passive enemy found in the Jeebs' Arena.


Hit Points: ?
Defense: ?
Experience Points on Kill: ?
Immunities: Cannot be shot at.
Other Notes: Can still be stasised and traps will be wasted on it.


Full Dialogue:

"Welcome! I hope you didn't have much difficulty reaching me."
"Ah, you were here because the silly admins didn't know where to implement bosses."
"Let's see who's available right now…"
"Okay, you may choose one of the following bosses to fight:"

Players can list the boss as desired, however if no boss has been said, Jeebs will say:

"Oryx, Queen of Hearts, Thessal, Swamp Spirit, or Chicken."

Upon choosing, Jeebs will say:

"So, you choose [boss]. Here you go!"


See Jeebs' Arena for info.

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