Guardian of Bedlam

Guardians of Bedlam are the defenders of Bedlam, God of Chaos. They appear many times during the fight, circling Bedlam during the first half. Each Guardian shoots dangerous paralyzing stars that are difficult to spot amidst the chaotic (ha!) fight, and their high defense makes them extremely tough to kill. Melee heroes should approach with caution during their circling behavior.


Hit Points: 5,000
Defense: 100
Experience Points on Kill: 0
Immunities: Stasis

Sprite Damage Effect Speed
Red%20Star.png 60 Paralyzed for 1 second 4 24 Very tiny
Ignores Target Defense
Blade.png 60 8 4
Crystal%20Serpent%20Missile.png 80-120 5 5 Oscillates


Phases One, Two, Three: Each Guardian circles Bedlam, firing tiny paralyzing stars in six directions, at regular intervals. Each Guardian will heal Bedlam at regular intervals for 80 HP. They will also fire their short-ranged blade projectile at the nearest player close enough to hit.
Phases Four, Five: Each Guardian will no longer circle Bedlam while firing paralyzing stars or blades. Instead, it will chase the nearest player down, constantly firing slow-moving, oscillating purple projectiles, similar to those from the Staff of the Crystal Serpent. Each Guardian heals Bedlam for 80 HP when spawned, but does not heal Bedlam afterward.

Loot Table

Does not drop loot.

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