Cockroaches are found in many rooms of the Asylum of Chaos. As in real life, Cockroaches are tough to kill. They have ridiculously high defense, mitigating 75% of damage for all weapons save the most damaging (such as high-tiered Swords, or Doom Bows). They move very quickly, darting back and forth in unpredictable ways. Their projectiles are quick but do negligible damage to a character with a decent amount of defense. Un-maxed Robe classes should be wary, nonetheless.


Hit Points: 800
Defense: 200
Experience Points on Kill: 80
Immunities: Stasis

Sprite Damage Effect Speed
Darkness%20Bolt.png 50 12 36 Oscillates
Small shots


Cockroaches move very quickly, darting across the floor in an erratic movement pattern. They do not follow players, instead shooting their single projectile at the nearest player. They are capable of firing up to 3 times per second. Their shots oscillate, but the high speed of their projectile is such that the oscillation isn't very noticeable.

Loot Table

Does not drop loot.

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