Asylum Wizard Clone

Asylum Wizard Clones are spawned by the Asylum Wizard during the Summon the Clones phase of his behavior, and each Clone looks identical to the real Wizard. Each clone behaves exactly like a Crystal Prisoner Clone, but with a re-skinned projectile. The only way to distinguish the real Wizard from his Clones is to watch for the Invincible effect icon (blue shield) above the real Wizard. The Clones vanish at the end of the Summon the Clones phase.


Hit Points: 15000
Defense: 12
Experience Points on Kill: 15
Immunities: None

Sprite Damage Effect Speed
yedwOtnl.png 85 7 10.5 Hits Multiple Targets


As mentioned above, Asylum Wizard Clones behave exactly like Crystal Prisoner Clones, but with a re-skinned projectile.

Loot Table

Does not drop loot.

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