Asylum Statue

The Asylum Statue is an enemy encountered within the hallways Asylum of Chaos. It appears as a stationary, invincible statue, but when a player nears, it activates and becomes vulnerable to attacks. Players must stay near the Statue to damage it; leaving its detection radius causes it to become invincible again. It's immune to nearly every type of effect, and has the same high defense characteristic of all Asylum enemies.


Hit Points: 30,000
Defense: 100
Experience Points on Kill: 3,000
Immunities: Armor Break, Stun, Curse, Paralyze (also supposed to be Stasis immune but it's mis-spelled in the XML data)

Sprite Damage Effect Speed
qiArvfgl.png 100 10 6
RQ21DYrl.png 85 Confused for 2 seconds 4.5 15.75 Hits Multiple Targets
hItyX9ql.png 85 Confused for 2 seconds 4.5 15.75 Hits Multiple Targets
NaL5h8Al.png 125 Slowed for 2 seconds 3.5 6.125 Returns


The Asylum Statue has two phases, dependent on proximity to players. It has a detection radius of approximately 13 tiles.

Phase One: If no players approach within its detection radius, it is completely inert and invincible.

Phase Two: If a player enters its detection radius, it becomes vulnerable and active, firing all of its projectiles and closing to a range of approximately 7 tiles. It fires a single sword projectile at the nearest player every half-second. It also fires a fan of 5 slow star-shaped bullets every second toward the nearest player. These return to their origin at the same speed. Lastly, it fires six red sickle-shaped projectiles every second in a hexagonal pattern outward from its location.

Loot Table
Bag Type Loot & Drop Rate
Loot%20Bag.png Snake%20Oil.png 0.8
Loot%20Bag%203.png Effusion%20of%20Dexterity.png 0.1
Loot%20Bag%206.png Potion%20of%20Defense.png 0.08 Potion%20of%20Attack.png 0.08 Potion%20of%20Speed.png 0.08
Potion%20of%20Dexterity.png 0.08 Potion%20of%20Vitality.png 0.08 Potion%20of%20Wisdom.png 0.08
Potion%20of%20Mana.png 0.08
Loot%20Bag%207.png Ls5HDig.png 0.015

Tips & Strategies

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