Asylum Loot Eye

Asylum Loot Eyes are immobile enemies that inhabit some of the rooms of the Asylum of Chaos. They are inert and invincible until approached, whereupon they become vulnerable but fire a volley of blue Loot Bombs and bursts of blue projectiles. Like their name suggests, they drop loot, but some players consider the task of killing one to be too much trouble for too little reward.


Hit Points: 30,000
Defense: 85
Experience Points on Kill: 3000
Immunities: None

Sprite Damage Effect Speed
XbyKPBCl.png 125 3.5 12.25


In its inert state, the Loot Eye is completely invulnerable to attack, but can be affected by Stasis, Stun… et cetera. It activates when a player approaches it, firing a dense nova of blue projectiles and tossing a few Loot Bombs toward the player. It can be damaged only while it is actively firing its volley. It will give a verbal cue when switching states.


Loot Table
Bag Type Loot & Drop Rate
Loot%20Bag.png Snake%20Oil.png 0.8
Loot%20Bag%203.png Effusion%20of%20Dexterity.png 0.1
Loot%20Bag%205.png Weapon_T10.gif 0.01 Armor_T10.gif 0.01 Ability_T4.gif 0.01
Ring_T4.gif 0.01
Loot%20Bag%206.png Potion%20of%20Defense.png 0.08 Potion%20of%20Attack.png 0.08 Potion%20of%20Speed.png 0.08
Potion%20of%20Dexterity.png 0.08 Potion%20of%20Vitality.png 0.08 Potion%20of%20Wisdom.png 0.08

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