Asylum Loot Bomb

Asylum Loot Bombs are tossed by Asylum Loot Eyes. They are mostly harmless if dealt with at a distance, but are extremely dangerous up close. They explode on death, or when players get too close.


Hit Points: 2,500
Defense: 100
Experience Points on Kill: 0
Immunities: None

Sprite Damage Effect Speed
bSyDtF7l.png 200 5.5 7.7


After a grenade-toss delay, it lies motionless, like a proximity mine. It will explode when destroyed or when a player enters the explosion radius (about 4 tiles away). The "explosion" is a blast of 8 heavy damage projectiles outward from the center of the Loot Bomb. Unlike Rock Bombs, these projectiles pack enough damage (1600 before Defense reductions) to instantly kill a maxed Knight.

Loot Table

Does not drop loot.

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