Asylum Guard

Asylum Guards are found guarding the entrance and hallways of the Asylum of Chaos. They are dangerous enemies to face, but can be evaded because they do not chase players.


Hit Points: 5,000
Defense: 80
Experience Points on Kill: 500
Immunities: None

Sprite Damage Effect Speed
Pgka99Nl.png 200 5 17
NNSkwyfl.png 200 7.5 10.5


Asylum Guards move erratically, firing heavy-damage projectiles and tossing dangerous Rock Bombs at the nearest player. They fire every second or so. The Rock Bombs are tossed like grenade projectiles, but do not explode on impact. Instead, they have HP and will explode like a proximity mine if approached. Asylum Guards do not chase players at all and can be evaded with enough speed or a Stasis effect.


Loot Table

Does not drop loot.

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