Ruin Island


This dungeon is Ruin Island and takes place on an island (duh that had just appeared out of nowhere! (spooky!)
Because you're such a curious person, you went to check it out and died immediately investigate
what mysteries and secrets that hold on this island.
Signs have shown that the monsters you face are familiar and seem to reflect the gruesome adventures of realmers.
What does all of this mean?

Characters with un-maxed Defense and Speed should traverse this dungeon with extreme caution, since enemy projectiles tend to inflict very high damage and undesirable status effects. Additionally, nearly every Ruin Island enemy within has a Defense stat of 100 or more, giving characters with un-maxed Attack a challenge.There are also many kinds of enemies with many different behaviors; moreover, the dungeon is quite long, patience is key.

Scroll down for more information about Ruin Island, including the layout, the enemies within, and any items of interest.

A strategy guide is available TBA.


Drops from Shatters Forgotten King Chest (3rd Boss) at a rate of 1/20 (5%)


This dungeon's layout is not procedurally generated. It will always look the same.

Players will start in a dock like structure in the outermost part of the dungeon, from there on they will have to fight their way through 3 paths

Path 1
Description Items Sources
Path through the Bewitching forest. This path is short and relatively easy. Ls5HDig.png
azggNJG.png 5hPUrlu.png ICSuK9v.png
bQ8L2LL.png S4hrYhp.png jKRokGZ.png ON3LHCJ.png
Coral%20Bow.png Coral%20Venom%20Trap.png Coral%20Silk%20Armor.png Coral%20Ring.png 4Fasvkp.png
Asylum Statue
Belladonna's Chest
Thessal the Mermaid Goddess
Path 2
Description Items Sources
Path through the Former City Celceus. This Path is longer and much harder than Path 1 Seal%20of%20Blasphemous%20Prayer.png
Demon%20Blade.png bece353d26.png
Scepter%20of%20Geb.png Book%20of%20Geb.png Shendyt%20of%20Geb.png Ring%20of%20the%20Nile.png Rh5qS4K.png
2aZfj1r.png Ring%20of%20the%20Sphinx.png
m6ZB8vF.png iys4Uco.png dAnqw6P.png S6JMLpv.png Tome%20of%20Holy%20Protection.png b9oSLQL.png Ring%20of%20the%20Pyramid.png
K9yiMY9.png ICSuK9v.png MNXwAYQ.png tgtBNVt.png n0n1jLn.png Skull%20of%20Endless%20Torment.png uwrwUn5.png
Abyss Idol
Shaitan the Advisor
Path 3
Description Items Sources
Secret Path. In order to open the secret path you have to activate Abandoned Switch 7 and 8. T13%20Leaf%20Dragon%20Hide%20Armor.png z2Gohqe.png
LlEbI5c.png Q69gGXN.png V8qjkED.png zWojJno.png
Limoz the Plague Bearer's Chest
Janus the Doorwarden


Ruin Islands has a wide variety of enemies. Many enemies from other locations in the game make an appearance in this dungeon, and will not be listed here at this time. The below enemies are unique to, or themed on, this dungeon (including chests):

Ruin Island Chest
[[ TBA]]

Items of Interest
Item(s) Source(s) Drop Rate
w4d6Sl7.png aKobhqv.png SpgCrQN.png d4fe7706ba.png 0.0025 (0.25% or 1/400)
HWL6U3h.png d4fe7706ba.png 0.007 (0.70 % or ~1/144)
zpbkC5C.gif d4fe7706ba.png 0.1 (10% or 1/10)
9e2dsAr.gif d4fe7706ba.png 0.033 (3.3% or ~1/30)
G5NJcdx.gif d4fe7706ba.png 0.03 (3% or 1/30)
QqalC8T.gif d4fe7706ba.png 0.01 (1% or 1/100)
Potion%20of%20Life.png Potion%20of%20Mana.png d4fe7706ba.png 0.2 (20% or 1/5) (3 Guaranteed)
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