PacMan Dungeon
The PacMan Dungeon is a risky dungeon that was created based off of the arcade game "Pac-Man". In this dungeon, players navigate through PacMan's maze ruled by a strong enemy. The only enemies found in this dungeon are PacMan and the enemy:ghosts just like the actual game. The dungeon forces players to run from their death as PacMan chases them through the maze. The PacMan Dungeon is accessible with the PacMan Key which is dropped by Limon the Sprite God at a reasonably high rate of 0.05 (5% or 1/20).

This dungeon's layout is not procedurally generated. It will always look the same.

In the map there are two spawn pads for the players, on the left and right sides. In the middle is where PacMan is seen before activated. Throughout the map there are yellow orbs and fruits which can be slain to provide group buffs to aid killing PacMan. The fruits/gumballs have 5k health.

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-Pac Man has 80k health.
-Pac Man will follow you as long as he sees you. Cloaking/Invisibilty does allow yourself to not be seen by him, and may help in killing him.
-Pac Man shoots yellow shots that deal 80 damage. Some shots seem to confuse you(unsure as to whether or not it is random).
-Pac Man has a wicked shotgun which results in instant death to most characters.
-Pac Man is NOT affected by any debuffs whatsoever. Curse/Paralyze/Stun, etc.
-True to the real game, Pac Man gobbles the ghosts, who give Pac 5000 hp, and possibly buff his movement speed and allows him to shoot faster(speculation)


To be true of the real game, The PacMan Dungeon has a small variety of enemies. The below enemies are unique to this dungeon and cannot be seen in other locations in this game.

Items of Interest
Item(s) Source(s) Drop Rate
Potion%20of%20Dexterity.png Potion%20of%20Wisdom.png D4mdvkB.png 0.1
Potion%20of%20Vitality.png D4mdvkB.png 0.08
rzsICM9.gif rzsICM9.gif D4mdvkB.png 0.05
0w52vtt.png 0w52vtt.png D4mdvkB.png 0.05
H8Ce7qp.png D4mdvkB.png 0.003
  • Maxed speed is highly recommended, otherwise you may get eaten by PacMan.
  • Simply circling around the middle pillar is a simple way to kill PacMan.
  • Speedy/melees are recommend because of the defense and fast movement.
Alternatively, there is another safe and easier method to do PacMan known as the Boomerang Snipe.
Simply get a Archer/Huntress with Flaming Boomerang to lure PacMan into the wall first, and adjust your position so you will hit Pacman. After that, ranged classes such as Wizards and Sorcerers can hit the PacMan from a distance. Press your autofire hotkey, default as "I", to continue hitting PacMan until he dies. Caution: When trying to do this method, never do it with sword classes as they have low range to hit and will attract PacMan's attention instead.
Here is an example of how it's done:
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