Also called Death to Humans, OMGWTFBBQ is the battlefield for the fight with Oryx the Mad God 4. No other enemies exist in this dungeon except those spawned by Oryx. It was created for Nilly's Realm by Food. It is a single, large, circular chamber. Players spawn at the edge of the circle. Oryx is initially located dead center, though he may roam from this spot.

The dungeon portal and key do not exist, but the map is in the game. Thus, the only access to this dungeon is via Staff use of the /quake command.

A strategy guide is unavailable, since the entire map is devoted to the fight with Oryx.




This dungeon's layout is not procedurally generated. It will always look the same.

Players enter near the edges of the giant circular chamber. There are 7 entry points. Oryx sits in the middle, waiting for the fight. Seven pools of lava surround Oryx's inner chamber, which has entry points to the north, east, south, and west.


OMGWTFBBQ contains only one enemy, but he is a formidable one:

Oryx the Mad God 4

Items of Interest

See the page dedicated to Oryx the Mad God 4 (above) for items of interest.

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