Asylum of Chaos Guide

K"Welcome to Bedlam's Asylum!" - Bedlam, God of Chaos.

This page serves as a guide to the Asylum of Chaos. For general information about the dungeon, including enemies, layout, and drops, go here.

The Asylum of Chaos is a difficult dungeon with many dangerous status effects and high damage bullets. Players should stay alert and keep a finger on the Nexus button. It is not as tricky to navigate as the Shatters, nor can it be "ruined" as easily. Nevertheless, it is a challenging dungeon, especially for the un-seasoned adventurer.

There are a total of 3 boss enemies in this dungeon: Asylum Eye, Asylum Wizard, and Bedlam, God of Chaos. This guide provides many tips and strategies for each boss, and some pointers when navigating the Asylum's halls and rooms.

Why run this dungeon?
  • The dungeon contains many desirable white bags, as well as life and (especially) mana potions.
  • The dungeon is challenging for small groups, and can be a good way to practice teamwork.
  • The layout never changes. With practice, players can rush an Asylum over and over for maximum efficiency.

Class Composition and Number of Players

Asylum runs are not as easy to "ruin" as Shatters runs, but they can still be done much more effectively with smart planning and composition. Inexperienced players may open up all of the rooms before clearing the halls and previously-opened rooms of enemies, making the run much more cumbersome. Small parties of players who can communicate and shell out efficient DPS are ideal. "Public" runs with large groups are still viable, but often slower.

In a small group, your class composition should include:

  • Ranged DPS
    • Wizards will find their spellbomb and high DPS to be essential for room clearing, especially with a Staff of the Great Climbing.
    • Archers and Huntresses should come equipped with a Doom Bow.
    • Sorcerers with maxed ATT and DEX are very helpful, especially if they have a Scepter of Fulmination.
  • Crowd Control
    • Mystics will find that most enemies are vulnerable to Stasis, allowing the group to bypass many fights and speed up runs.
    • Archers and Huntresses will make good use of their Quiver or Trap to lock down enemies for focused DPS.
  • Party Buffs
    • Warriors and Paladins will use their Helms and Seals to great effect here.

Additionally, a Priest with the Tome of Purification is immensely helpful due to the many times a teammate will be hit with a negative status effect, such as Darkness or Bleeding.

A final note about party composition: the more weapons within the group that ignore enemy defense, the better the group will do in this dungeon. Asylum enemies commonly have 100 defense, or more.


The entrance of the Asylum contains Evil Water that behaves like lava. It is also guarded by a few Asylum Guards that hit hard and fast, so watch their projectiles closely. Their brown bombs are less dangerous, so don't worry about those as much. Once in the hallways of the Asylum, keep in mind that players do not need to open every room unless the group wants to farm Nurses and Loot Eyes. If doing so, avoid the latter's blue bombs like the plague—they will instantly kill any maxed player standing on or nearby one.

Small groups should take care to avoid hitting the destructible walls that open up the patient rooms when navigating the hallways. If the group wishes to clear these rooms (usually to farm Nurses and Loot Eyes), then the group should first clear the entire hallway, then open one room at a time. The destructible walls can usually take a stray hit or two, but not too many. The walls blocking patient rooms in the lower right hallway are very easy to break, so take extra care when in this hallway. It helps to have a solid grasp on weapon range in this dungeon, since errant shots can be dangerous.

Once the Asylum Statue is dealt with and the mess hall is opened, the group may choose to fight the optional mini-boss in the courtyard to the north: the Asylum Eye for a shot at the Pizza Armor. See below for some tips for killing this enemy. Players then continue east and fight their way through the kitchen or the hallway beside it. Most players choose the hallway since it avoids a room swarming with annoying Maggots. As before, the rooms do not need to be opened, but the group may choose to do so.

At this point, the path forks. Behind the third patient room on the right is a secret passage that will go into a rear hallway and smaller dining area. This path is an alternative to the path straight north. The advantage to the secret passage is that it bypasses some tricky encounters, such as some Fire and Ice Adepts from the Shatters, who seem to now be Asylum patients. Either way, the path leads to the second mini-boss: the Asylum Wizard.

Once he is dealt with (see below for tips), the top right wall of the room can be broken, leading to the final hallways. It is strongly advised to avoid opening any room in this hallway, since rooms contain Shatters Adepts. Small groups can choose to rush this hallway, especially if a Mystic is in the party.

At the end of the hallways is a breakable wall leading to Bedlam, God of Chaos. For tips and strategies in this fight, see below.

Tips and Strategies for Boss Fights
Asylum Eye

Good dodging and bullet avoidance make this fight easy. Melees might have to tank some bullets to get in range, but the Eye's projectiles are not a threat. In smaller groups, it is advised to clear out the stray mobs in the courtyard before engaging the Eye.

Caution: Near the West or East wall of the courtyard, a Loot Eye in an adjacent room may lob one of its blue Bombs onto the group, decimating anyone caught near the blast. Stay alert!

As with most enemies in this dungeon, a Shield of Ogmur and weapons that ignore Defense (such as the Crystal Wand) will break through the Eye's high Defense, ending the fight much sooner. Do not bother stunning or paralyzing the Eye; it is immune to both.

Asylum Wizard

Though he behaves exactly like a Crystal Prisoner, the Wizard has a LOT more HP and a LOT more Defense. Deal with him exactly as you would a Crystal Prisoner, but expect a longer fight. Be aware that his minions can quickly add up. Deal with them when damaging the Wizard is difficult, such as during his clone phase. Mystics may want to stasis the Wizard at the start of the fight, so that players may easily deal with his minions without the debilitating effects of Weak. As with the Asylum Eye, weapons and abilities that can ignore Defense or cause Armor Break will quicken the fight.

Caution: Near the South wall of the Wizard's chamber, a couple of Adepts from adjacent rooms can summon Fire and Ice Portals in the Wizard's room. If these Adepts were not dealt with earlier, avoid lingering in this area to prevent Portals from spawning. If a Portal appears, deal with it immediately! Smaller groups may choose to head straight up the second hallway toward the Wizard, stopping just before his chamber to open up the left and right patient rooms. Inside are Fire Adepts that can be dealt with one at a time, before engaging the Wizard. This makes the fight much safer since no Portals will be spawned during the fight.

Bedlam, God of Chaos

Before fighting Bedlam, it is strongly advised to clear the hallway and nearby rooms of enemies. Bedlam has several chase behaviors, and can easily chase a group into a cluster of enemies or, worse, a Fire Archmage and his devastating Bombs. If in a smaller group, players must be able to deal a lot of damage, ideally from a range of 5 or more. As such, a maxed Wizard is highly recommended for this fight. First, kill all of the Guardians of Bedlam. Bedlam's shots are not very dangerous, but the Guardians' red stars cause Paralysis, which can easily pin a player down. Besides, Bedlam is initially invulnerable and constantly healed while the Guardians circle him.

Be prepared for Bedlam to chase players once the Guardians are down. The group should drag him into the hallway or around his chamber, while inflicting as much damage as possible. If enough damage is done, players should then watch for summoned Nurses that will fire their Bleeding nova of syringes. Clear the nurses first, kill any Guardians as they are summoned, and focus damage on Bedlam when possible.

Caution: When Bedlam stops moving late in the fight, be wary. Once his HP drops low enough, he will begin moving very quickly toward the nearest player, attempting to sit on top of them. The dragging strategy from an earlier phase will finish him off.

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