Asylum of Chaos


The Asylum of Chaos is a dangerous dungeon that was created for Nilly's Realm by Cyeclops. In it, players navigate an insane asylum ruled by a God of chaos. The asylum is inhabited by guards, patients, nurses, and abominations of nature. The dungeon borrows some enemies from other locations, and introduces some of its own. The Asylum of Chaos is accessible by killing the Fanatic of Chaos, an event boss, or by opening the portal to this dungeon via. its Asylum Key.

Characters with un-maxed Defense and Speed should traverse this dungeon with extreme caution, since enemy projectiles tend to inflict very high damage and undesirable status effects. Additionally, nearly every Asylum-themed enemy within has a Defense stat of 100 or more, giving characters with un-maxed Attack a challenge.

Scroll down for more information about the Asylum of Chaos, including the layout, the enemies within, and any items of interest.

A strategy guide is available here.


200 Fame (Nexus)

Drops from the Fanatic of Chaos at a 50% rate.


This dungeon's layout is not procedurally generated. It will always look the same.

Players start in the lower left part of the map, in the outer gardens. Players must traverse the entrance halls to reach the main dining room. Above the dining room is the courtyard, which is home to the first mini-boss, the Asylum Eye. Players then fight their way through more hallways to reach the second mini-boss, the Asylum Wizard. Players may choose a secondary route to the Wizard, indicated by a faint yellow dotted line. Finally, players move through the dangerous back hallways of the Asylum, eventually reaching the large chamber of the final boss, Bedlam, God of Chaos.

There are many closed rooms of the Asylum. Players may choose to explore them, dealing with any enemies found within. Some players may choose to leave the rooms closed by directing their fire away from the destructible walls between the hallways and rooms.

The mini-boss encounters (the Asylum Eye and Wizard) are optional. Players may choose to bypass them entirely, heading straight for Bedlam's chamber. See below for more details about the enemies and items found within the Asylum.


The Asylum of Chaos has a wide variety of enemies. Many enemies from other locations in the game make an appearance in this dungeon, and will not be listed here at this time. The below enemies are unique to, or themed on, this dungeon:

Asylum Bird
eBesi3q.png 1R4TuOI.png
Asylum Guard
Asylum Maggot
Asylum Patient
TVPg1u8.png 4w7F38w.png
Asylum Loot Eye
Asylum Statue
Asylum Eye
6edM2bm.png 9HNEIPJ.png
Asylum Wizard
Guardian of Bedlam
Bedlam, God of Chaos

Items of Interest
Item(s) Source(s) Drop Rate
Potion%20of%20Attack.png Potion%20of%20Defense.png TVPg1u8.png gKO5gv9.png RvqQyPE.png 6edM2bm.png 6IfQR9t.png Varies
Potion%20of%20Speed.png Potion%20of%20Dexterity.png TVPg1u8.png gKO5gv9.png 6edM2bm.png 6IfQR9t.png Varies
Potion%20of%20Vitality.png Potion%20of%20Wisdom.png TVPg1u8.png gKO5gv9.png 6edM2bm.png Varies
Potion%20of%20Life.png 6IfQR9t.png 0.01
Potion%20of%20Mana.png gKO5gv9.png 6IfQR9t.png Varies
Weapon_T12.gif Armor_T13.gif Ability_T6.gif 6IfQR9t.png 0.1
Ring_T5.gif U9sZWfi.gif 6IfQR9t.png 0.2, 0.01
Ls5HDig.png gKO5gv9.png 0.005
XM5i2w2.png P4EiUzf.png 0.005
FUamjst.png RvqQyPE.png 0.005
Crystal%20Wand.png dp1HJKq.png GMqUHU6.png 3b1H3be.png 6edM2bm.png 0.05, 0.06, 0.01 (both unholy items)
UoJWLt8.png Cqyy5Be.png 6IfQR9t.png 0.005, 0.0003

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