Nilly's Realm contains all dungeons currently available in Deca's game, except the Lair of Draconis, which will be added in a later update.

The following dungeons are unique to Nilly's Realm:

Dungeon Portal Portal Location Key Key Source
Asylum of Chaos Wk3E0yI.png Use key or 50% drop from Fanatic of Chaos JJpNQmP.png Nexus Key Area (200 Fame)
Reward at certain Arena waves
PacMan IGDt33A.png Use key al0D3wx.png Limon the Sprite God (5% chance of key)
Reward at certain Arena waves
The Maze dW97Ql5.png Kill PacMan
(5% chance of portal)
None No key exists
Pandora SPrSRmI.png Center of The Maze 0YFUgv3.png Unavailable
OMGWTFBBQ None Unavailable None Unavailable
Jeebs Arena HOMpRUA.png Use key 1OShe1U.png Reward at certain Arena waves
Turkey Time BbDOHwM.png Use key GX43651.png Nexus Key Area
(666 Fame)
Ruin Island 9631a71a54.png Use key 2d33dad47b.png The Forgotten King (5% chance of key)
(Work in progress)
8vGhTRL.png Unavailable 3niGuaC.png Unavailable
Swamp of Lost Souls
Vo2nf1O.png Unavailable AhkWquR.png Unavailable
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